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Mini Travel Palettes


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  • Image of Mini Travel Palettes

Over the last year I've had the pleasure of taking a handbuilding pottery class. I found myself with a lot of good sized scrap pieces of clay. Not wanting to waste them, I began making watercolor palettes. My palettes have a luxurious natural quality to them- they've been a delight to use.

These specific palettes are mini travel palettes. They work great for the artist on the go, or for anyone who works in a small area. Being a tattooist who painted in my workstation for many years, I found that having something that doesn't take up much space is very useful. The small troughs on these palettes will be most useful for artists that work in ink, liquid watercolors, or liquid acrylics.

The mini travel palettes come with a square of velcro and a metal, unlabeled (not an Altoids one!) tin so that you can easily tote them around.

These are made from a clay similar to porcelain and are quite strong. They're built to last through your lifetime and be passed down to your children and grandchildren.

Since these are handmade products, each has its own unique characteristics, such as little markings within the glaze here and there, some crazing, etc. They develop a patina and age with use.

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